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Carlene Canale

“Highly Recommend!” *****

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Ginger Crystal Faith as the “go-to” person for your real estate needs.

I have had so many positive experiences working with Ginger. And those experiences don’t always include an immediate or pending real estate transaction, because that is not who Ginger is or how she operates. With Ginger, it’s all about building a long term and mutually beneficial relationship that is based on trust and a true desire to help people as they ponder their today, tomorrow and longer term future.

I’ve known and worked with Ginger for many years and can personally attest to her level of engagement and focus on her client’s needs and goals.

Whether it be talking about mortgage strategies, rental properties, current market conditions or just catching-up on real estate trends and directions, Ginger is an active listener and someone truly interested in how she can be helpful and supportive to her client.

Specifically, I’ve owned property in San Francisco for over twenty years and have relied on Ginger for advice and consultation on many subjects. She is smart, knowledgeable, market savvy and above all, always fully engaged in the conversation and what you want to accomplish. In fact, she is the direct opposite of the often seen buy-sell pressure transaction Real Estate Agent.

And this is what absolutely differentiates Ginger.

One of the qualities that make Ginger so unique is her ability to ask good and insightful questions. She does this to acquire as much information as possible about a client’s goals and objectives. And then she very artfully applies all of that understanding to help clients’ make a great decision, which may include sitting tight for now and re-visiting a buy-sell transaction down the road.

All of this occurs because Ginger is very thoughtful and caring. She has an intuitive and innate sense about people and their situation, and she patiently works to develop a plan that is right for them. This is my experience over a long period of time.

In summary, among the many demands we all have in our life, it’s reassuring and calming to have a respected and trusted friend in the real estate business; someone you can call at any time and just talk with, knowing she has your best interest at heart.

And it’s a pleasure to tell you, Ginger is that person.

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