Jordan Rojo

“Beyond Expectations!”*****

Jessica and I are soooo fortunate in getting connected with Ginger search for a new home in Livermore!

We were first-time (again) homebuyers, growing our knowledge about how to find the right place in Livermore. From start to finish, she was always available to answer our questions.

She was so responsive and is the sweetest person. She had a great knowledge of the surrounding area, had great Real Estate strategies and knew exactly what we were looking for.

We loved how she walked us through the whole process, even when things got sticky at times, assuring us that things were moving along well, and helping us to relax when things became stressful. Our experience with Ginger was way above and beyond expectations.

Thank you for being a part of our new beginnings!

We Love Our Clients. See Some Of Their Stories…

Helping local Bay Area area home owners enrich their lives through the place they call home is always something we love. We’re happy to call Bay Area and California home and look forward to adding your story to our growing list of happy clients.

“Lucky enough to team up with Ginger” *****

Chloe and I were looking for our home in Stockton, CA when we attended an incredible open house that Ginger hosted.

We were captivated by Ginger’s enthusiastic approach, and her marketing strategy. We made an offer on Ginger’s house beyond what we were willing to pay for it… and we didn’t win.

We followed the progress of the sale and noted that her home sold at the top of the market, and we decided right then that Ginger would be our agent when the time came for us to sell our own home.

That time came sooner rather than later due to a transfer for my career, and we were searching for Ginger after a short ten months. When we found her, she was extremely responsive and accommodating.

Ginger’s passion for the sale was evident as soon as she walked through the door. She laid out several strategies, recommended what she would do, and let us decide.

Ginger gave us great staging tips including which colors were hot, how to use our own furniture, and decor advice that cost us practically nothing. We followed her advice, and the work paid off.

Ginger took an ample amount of beautiful photos and published them immediately. This combined with our pricing strategy gave us the designation of being a “Hot Home”, and we moved to the top of the list on several search engines.

Ginger also put together a comprehensive local marketing strategy that included teaming up with institutions of higher education and a “pick your neighbor” campaign. All of it worked. It was evident after the open house that we were “the” home to own in Stockton.

Before the sale, we asked for Ginger’s advice about handling an expensive repair. Her knowledge of the market, contracting, and our personal price points lead us to decide not go forward with the repair.

Despite the need for an expensive repair, our sale was still seamless because Ginger was upfront and honest about every aspect of the home with all our potential buyers. If you ever need to sell your home, we hope you are lucky enough to team up with Ginger, because there is no one better!

We Built this Home from Scratch…then COVID happened!

When I decided to sell my property, as a real estate investor, Ginger was not my realtor because I already had a realtor for the property I was going to sell and I had signed a listing contract while the house was under construction, however, she was definitely the best choice!

After the first realtor failed to sell my house at the price I needed and was not enthusiastic about selling my house and kept lowering my expectations about the price.

Ginger and I had known each other for couple of years before I asked her to list my property in Montclair. We met through a mutual real estate investor acquaintance, and, since my profession is in Tech and not Real Estate although I am an investor, I would frequently call Ginger when I encountered stumbling blocks or challenges with my real estate portfolio, or in building projects. 

Ginger has a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas of residential real estate, not just listing for sellers and helping buyers, but for leasing, Airbnb, Building, short sales, and mortgages.  She also has great resources like attorneys, contractors, stagers who are high quality, reasonably priced and very helpful. All of this worked well together, since my situations tended to be a bit complex.

Ginger was always helpful, more of a teacher than a sales agent, and definitely helped

guide our way through a labyrinth of situations to clarity.

When I was complete with a residential build out, and was not happy with the current realtor I was using, I contacted Ginger, and again, she was helpful, but not a salesperson.  She advised me on how I could work with the realtor I was using.

But ultimately, my business partner and I decided that we would be best working with Ginger because she was well versed with the situation at hand and it was also during Covid and we needed someone who would go the extra mile.

We were extremely pleased with our decision.  Ginger discovered a title issue right away that could have rendered our sale impossible, and as builders, every minute we were spending money and would not want to keep the property.  She took some bold steps to remedy the situation without any drama, which we would have had if this had not been discovered.

Before listing with us she helped us explore the numbers if we did an Airbnb, renting it out, refinanced the property to lower the rate and possibly help with cash flow, and other ideas before we decided to sell outright.  She was not quick to “get a sale” but to do what is best for us, and for us to feel comfortable with our decision.

Since we listed exactly when Covid happened and we were in shelter in place, I was out of the country in lockdown, and there were other challenges outside the scope of this public testimonial that needed to be addressed in a very sophisticated manner, it ended up being an unusually challenging transaction.  Ultimately however, she helped us to negotiate quite a bit of money higher than our that offers came in, having inside information about the buyer’s needs, orientations and desires.

We were very pleased with the outcome, to get the property sold in a timely manner, get an excellent market price, and get on with our lives.

It was a very stressful time, but knowing we had someone in our corner, protecting our money like it was her own, leading, guiding, and protecting us in an area where we were not experts, and there were landmines everywhere, and every landmine would cost us dearly financially, was the one thing that gave us comfort during the transaction and looking back on it, we definitely made an excellent decision in hiring Ginger.

“My Family Farm went from Nightmare to Dream Home on HGTV!” *****

“Relieved of a Nightmare”

When I contacted Ginger about selling my home, I was embroiled in a nightmare caused by a local rental management company, who willingly and knowingly rented out my lovely family farm and home to 15 tenants, contractors, who used my 1.64 acres of lovely horse pasture as a concrete dumping ground, saving them and making them tens of thousands of dollars, while costing me more and the same.

They refused to take responsibility for their actions, and kept the tenants in there, and even fought me for my security deposit back.

Since I now lived out of state, I was unaware of the depth of the crisis, and the fact that the home had been destroyed, until it was too late.

At this point, I needed more than anything someone who I could trust.  Like family.  It was then that I contacted Ginger.  She produced documentation to get my security deposit back, worked with a contractor to remedy all the damage, and kept close track of everything for the several months it took to remedy the crisis.

To say it was a challenging situation would be an understatement.  I was also unclear of the direction I wanted to take, as this was such a shock and disruption.

Ginger was caring, competent, and continued to work with me, remodeling the house which was falling apart, until it was beautiful, and worthy of being purchased by happy new homeowners. The Home ended up on HGTV after the renovation!

My dad called her a hero.  I agree.  To feel bolstered up, supported, informed, guided and protected during a time when I did not know who to trust was a godsend.

I’m grateful that it is complete, and grateful that Ginger was in my corner during such a challenging time.

Valerie Bickell

“An Angel In Diguise!” *****

During the housing crisis, I was in a quandary about what to do about my home. There were many repairs needed, but as the single mother of teen boys, working full time, I had nothing to spare.

My key concern was the foundation was sinking, and there were cracks on the walls, driveway, and pavement around the property. I worried that a visitor would get hurt walking up to the front door. I met Ginger at a networking event and immediately liked her.

Ginger has a sharp mind, vast knowledge of real estate, huge heart, great sense of humor, keen ability to really listen to what your needs are and take action.

After Ginger gave me her expert assessment of my options, I made a decision to sell the property. She immediately scheduled open houses and showed up for every one. She found cash buyers and went to bat with the bank, which threw every roadblock in our path to a resolution.

For over two years, she spent countless hours trying to help me sell the house until I decided to walk away on advice of counsel.

During that entire ordeal, Ginger remained engaged, responsive, and supportive. She was an angel, and I will be forever grateful.

Ana Costa

“Highly Recommend!” *****

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Ginger Crystal Faith as the “go-to” person for your real estate needs.

I have had so many positive experiences working with Ginger. And those experiences don’t always include an immediate or pending real estate transaction, because that is not who Ginger is or how she operates. With Ginger, it’s all about building a long term and mutually beneficial relationship that is based on trust and a true desire to help people as they ponder their today, tomorrow and longer term future.

I’ve known and worked with Ginger for many years and can personally attest to her level of engagement and focus on her client’s needs and goals.

Whether it be talking about mortgage strategies, rental properties, current market conditions or just catching-up on real estate trends and directions, Ginger is an active listener and someone truly interested in how she can be helpful and supportive to her client.

Specifically, I’ve owned property in San Francisco for over twenty years and have relied on Ginger for advice and consultation on many subjects. She is smart, knowledgeable, market savvy and above all, always fully engaged in the conversation and what you want to accomplish. In fact, she is the direct opposite of the often seen buy-sell pressure transaction Real Estate Agent.

And this is what absolutely differentiates Ginger.

One of the qualities that make Ginger so unique is her ability to ask good and insightful questions. She does this to acquire as much information as possible about a client’s goals and objectives. And then she very artfully applies all of that understanding to help clients’ make a great decision, which may include sitting tight for now and re-visiting a buy-sell transaction down the road.

All of this occurs because Ginger is very thoughtful and caring. She has an intuitive and innate sense about people and their situation, and she patiently works to develop a plan that is right for them. This is my experience over a long period of time.

In summary, among the many demands we all have in our life, it’s reassuring and calming to have a respected and trusted friend in the real estate business; someone you can call at any time and just talk with, knowing she has your best interest at heart.

And it’s a pleasure to tell you, Ginger is that person.

“Beyond Expectations!”*****

Jessica and I are soooo fortunate in getting connected with Ginger search for a new home in Livermore!

We were first-time (again) homebuyers, growing our knowledge about how to find the right place in Livermore. From start to finish, she was always available to answer our questions.

She was so responsive and is the sweetest person. She had a great knowledge of the surrounding area, had great Real Estate strategies and knew exactly what we were looking for.

We loved how she walked us through the whole process, even when things got sticky at times, assuring us that things were moving along well, and helping us to relax when things became stressful. Our experience with Ginger was way above and beyond expectations.

Thank you for being a part of our new beginnings!

Very Grateful!” *****

Ginger, first let me say thank you for all of your assistance, you are the best.

Decisions have been made and we will not be selling the house after all, that’s the bad news.

The good news is that I believe that I have found a renter for the place. Whereas I will not be getting the money I was hoping for, it will go a long ways in our monthly income.

I know that you have already put in a considerable amount of work… so if you will put together a bill for services render I would be very grateful.

Also at some time in the near future I would like to visit and have a conversation concerning being a landlord of course I would expect a meeting like that to be billable hours.

As always thank you for all your years of personal and business support you have given to Dee and myself. John Bass

John Bass

A Customer for Life” *****

Is re-financing your home really that easy? At one year into my first home mortgage and on the verge of going into credit rating purgatory, I found that the answer is ‘No’. That is until I found Ginger Faria. My story is a common one.

I received at least 15 letters and 20 phone calls a week from mortgage brokers and financial institutions guaranteeing me that they could perform miracles, get my interest rates down and provide me with cash out to help pay down my other debts. I did what I think most people would have done in my situation. I believed them.

I believed the first one, the second one, the third one…. Every time the result was, “I’m sorry, but your numbers just don’t add up.” With each new mortgage representative I spoke with, I informed them of the last experience I had with a similar institution who said to me almost exactly what they were telling me now.

Each one promised that they were different and they could do things that other company’s could not because of X, Y and Z. Most of which would end up telling me the same thing, “I’m sorry, but your numbers just don’t add up.” Others would just stop calling or returning my phone calls. When I had almost given up, I was referred to Ginger Faria by an associate of mine.

Someone whom I have known, trusted and valued for over six years, my accountant. I decided to try one more time and gave Ginger a call. From the start Ginger was different.

Ginger never promised miracles, only to help discover the best options available to me. She kept me informed, either calling me first or returning a phone call from me usually the same day, always letting me know what she was trying to accomplish and why.

When all was said and done, Ginger delivered. Ginger delivered BIG. Ginger Faria was able to accomplish what 25+ other mortgage companies before her could not.

She was able to get my mortgage re-financed as well as capitalizing on 100% of the equity built in my property. With this loan I was able to pay off 90% of my debt.

I felt reborn. And Ginger has a customer for life.

Brad Stewart

“Astounding Agent” *****

Ginger’s story is astounding. She started out in RE investing fearlessly learning along the way. Her experience and understanding of REI make her tops in the field.

But she goes much beyond that. She has compassion and understanding with the ability to help people, not only with the nuts and bolts of investing but the personal obstacles that often keep us from moving forward.

All this, along with her sparkling personality, make her a fantastic resource, aid and friend.

Bill Haskell

“Truly Cares” *****

I have know Ginger for many years. She was alway extremely smart and savvy. I was much younger than her at the time and was astounded how she could make something from nothing. This pattern of success never ended for her. I have now begun, much later in life, to begin a journey of financial security through real estate investment.

Just the the first mention of this to her, the outpouring of education and help in one short conversation was more than I’ve gathered and learned after years of dialogue with many other people.

To say she is knowledgeable would be an understatement.

Combined with her drive to be her best, she is honest, kind, compassionate, intuitive and truly cares about people. These qualities can’t help but make her a success in anything she touches.

Kyla Betts

“Amazing Person!” *****

Ginger is such an amazing person to learn from.

She has so much experience and has an uncanny ability to relay the

information in a way that can easily be understood!

I highly recommend you take the opportunity to work with

her so you have the best possible opportunity to be successful!

Jennifer Bourque

“The Whole Package” *****

Ginger is the whole package!!!

She is professional; personable; insightful; thorough; brilliant; innovative; kind; trustworthy and much more!!!

It’s refreshing to know there are still real people out there who know what they’re doing…or at least one for sure

John Davis


When I was selling my home due to a nasty divorce, I consulted Ginger for her advice on which remolding efforts would help with a quick sale, for top dollar.

Her advice was spot on and although it was a difficult situation, having Ginger’s market knowledge and genuine encouragement was invaluable in guiding me through to a successful sale!

I did very well with the sale, but I wasn’t ready to reinvest in another home yet and having the money just sitting in my bank account, making virtually no interest, made no sense to me.

Once again I turned to Ginger and we worked together on one of her flip properties, and my return on investment was AMAZING! She always kept me in the loop of the process and progress and once the project was complete, with the interest I earned, I was able to take some much needed time off, to visit my son and new grandbaby! The excitement in both watching my money earn interest and see how this project with Ginger turned out was a great “win-win-win” experience!

Denise Mattos

“Delightful Gratitude!”

Thank You so much for all your help, Ginger!

Working with you was such a delight! Let’s plan to have dinner soon! –

Don Wood