Women’s Wealth Divide: Unveiling the Challenges in Building Financial Security for the Future

Closing the Investment Gap, Women’s Wealth Network is Boosting Financial Literacy and Confidence for Women

LIVERMORE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2023 / In today’s world, achieving financial security and independence is a goal for all. However, despite significant progress towards gender equality, a persistent gap remains when it comes to women’s retirement savings and real estate investments. This stark disparity raises important questions about the underlying factors contributing to this imbalance and calls for a deeper understanding of women’s challenges in building wealth for their future.

When it comes to retirement savings, women often find themselves at a disadvantage due to a combination of structural and social barriers. The gender pay gap, for instance, continues to be a significant obstacle. On average, women earn less than men for comparable work, resulting in reduced disposable income available for savings. According to the US Census Bureau, 50% of women between the ages of 55 and 66 have no retirement savings. This wage disparity directly impacts the ability to contribute to retirement accounts and accumulate long-term wealth.

Another contributing factor is the disproportionate burden of caregiving responsibilities that falls on women. The demands of raising children, caring for aging parents, and managing household responsibilities often leave less time and energy for focusing on financial planning. Consequently, women may prioritize immediate needs over long-term financial goals, inadvertently putting retirement savings on the back burner.

According to Forbes, only about 32% of real estate investors are women. Real estate investing is a popular choice for building wealth; in fact, 23% of Americans say it is the best way to build wealth. So, many question why we don’t have more women investing in real estate.

Additionally, the lack of financial literacy and confidence plays a role in women’s reluctance to save for retirement. Studies have shown that women tend to be more risk-averse and less confident in making investment decisions. This hesitance can lead to missed opportunities to grow savings through investment vehicles, such as stocks or retirement funds.

Ginger Faith, founder of Women’s Wealth Network is a real estate and mortgage broker and builder. Faith has flipped over 52 houses (2 were featured on HGTV). She enjoys passive income from multiple rental properties. Faith helps lead, guide, protect, and teach women how to become financially free by intelligent real estate investing. Faith helps women rewrite their financial story and return with peace of mind, options, and affluence. “Budgeting is not a wealth-building strategy, but intelligent real estate investing is,” Faith says.

Ginger Faith, Founder of Women's Worth Network, works on one of her real estate acquisitions

Real estate investments have traditionally been seen as a reliable path to wealth accumulation. However, women have been largely underrepresented in this arena. Several factors contribute to this trend.

First, the gender gap in homeownership rates remains significant. Women are more likely to face obstacles in accessing mortgages due to factors such as income disparities and creditworthiness. This limited access to homeownership directly affects the ability to build equity and benefit from property appreciation.

Societal expectations and gender norms also influence women’s investment choices. Historically, women have been socialized to prioritize stability and security, which can make the perceived risks associated with real estate investments less appealing. Cultural biases and stereotypes about women’s financial capabilities can further discourage them from venturing into these areas.

Furthermore, the lack of representation and mentorship in the real estate industry can create additional barriers for women. The industry has traditionally been male-dominated, making it harder for women to find relatable role models or access the necessary networks and resources to pursue real estate investments confidently.

Addressing the gender disparity in retirement savings and real estate investments requires a multifaceted approach. Efforts must be made at both the systemic and individual levels to create an environment conducive to women’s financial empowerment.

To start, policies focused on pay equity and work-life balance are crucial. Closing the gender pay gap and implementing family-friendly policies, such as affordable childcare and flexible work arrangements, can help alleviate the financial strain on women and facilitate their engagement in long-term financial planning.

Expanding financial education programs tailored to women and promoting financial literacy early are equally important. Empowering women with knowledge about investment opportunities and strategies can boost their confidence and decision-making abilities, enabling them to take charge of their financial future.

Increasing representation and fostering a supportive environment within the real estate industry is essential. Encouraging mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and promoting gender diversity in leadership positions can help break down the barriers that hinder women’s participation in real estate investments.

As posted in Reuters, what is notable is that while female investors are, on average, less active traders and investors, data shows that when they do participate in financial markets they are more disciplined and considered when it comes to investing and trading. The gender disparity in retirement savings and real estate investments is a complex issue rooted in a combination of structural, societal, and individual factors. By addressing these challenges head-on and implementing comprehensive strategies, we can pave the way for a future where women have equal opportunities to secure their financial well-being and achieve long-term prosperity.


Women’s Wealth Network was founded by Ginger Faith – a seasoned real estate investor who teaches women how to successfully invest in real estate and plan for a healthy, prosperous retirement (with enough passive income to last for many years). For more information, visit womenswealthnetwork.net. For additional information, visit Women’s Wealth Network on FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn.


Ginger Faith

SOURCE: Women’s Wealth Network


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